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 Thanks for connecting! So you want to know a little bit about me? That's cool. We can do this a couple different ways. If you're here for the super-duper academic insight to my life, you're looking for my Curriculum Vita (CV) which few people really want to read. If you're into that sort of thing, it's HERE. I don't want to bore anyone with that laundry list. If you're here to get the gist on me and the wonderful things that make my writing-life awesome, just scroll down.



I'm a former elementary school teacher and college professor. I obtained my Ph.D. from Georgia State University's Early Childhood Education department where I honed in on my love of literacy; both researching and teaching it. I had the honor of teaching hundreds of teachers and learning from them. Reading and writing children's books has become second nature in my life.


I am the President & CEO of See Beautiful, an organization who works to empower others to see the beauty in themselves while creating and celebrating more of it in the world.


I am the co-founder of The Potty Rocker (yep, you read that correctly). We help families roll through stinky times in life with laughter and play. Meet the best imaginary friend you're family will ever have: The Potty Rocker.


I have the distinct honor of serving as the Director of Education, and on the Advisory Board for the amazing Life Vest Inside as well!

Personal info​

  • Married to the greatest person I know;
  • Mom to two amazing dogs: Lilly (12-year-old golden retriever) & Buddy (4-year-old greater swiss mountain dog);
  • Daughter to the most supportive, loving parents a girl can have;
  • Sister to the two coolest, greatest women who inspire her;
  • Biker (road cycling);
  • Hiker;
  • Writer (surprise!);
  • Reader (wanna connect with me on Goodreads? Cool. Do it HERE);
  • Educator;
  • Lover of Chocolate Peanut Butter Ice Cream (thanks, Turkey Hill, for making it possible to bring the good stuff into our homes. It makes not living near Springer's in Stone Harbor a little easier);
  • Believer and supporter of human rights; and
  • Advocate for social justice and equality.



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